Framebuilding classes                    ( 5 days: includes material )   Incl. 25% DK VAT  
  Steel TIG class   (Columbus Zona or equivalent)1750
  Steel Fillet/Lugged Brazing class   (Columbus Zona or equivalent)1750
  Stainless steel   (Columbus XCR, Reynolds 953, KVA Stainless)2500
  Titanium TIG class   (US grade 9 / 3Al-2.5V Titanium)2500
      NEW - Get 15% off the steel class price if you pair with another student (see calendar)   

  Other tubeset:   (Spirit/Life/XCR, Reynolds 853/953, Deda Zero, Tange Ultimate - Reynolds 6Al-4V, Deda K19) - Contact me -
  Matching fork/stem - Contact me -
  Sand blasting + 1 RAL color powdercoat 120
  Shipping of frame to you50-80
 - Last update: 03/02/2023