Like most bike lovers out there, I can't be satisfied with what I see in bike shops or worse: supermarkets. Marketing and profitability are dictating the trend and your choice is narrowed down to Aluminum or Carbon, MTB or road bike, adapt to what's offered.

I chose to turn that around and offer just what is needed, that's how I started building my own bikes and decided to build them for others. When you add to that: quality materials, individual customization and choice, they call it luxury, I call it personal freedom.

If you want something else. A custom geometry: not because you're worth it, but because you need it. A specific tubeset: big, small, round, oval, because you like it. Your own paint job: because you don't dig flashy colors or big logos. Ask a custom framebuilder, that's what we're here for: cut the marketing crap between the brand and the customer and give yourself the choice to ride what you want.
 - Last update: 11/09/2021 -