If you're going to have a custom built frame, you'll want to keep it for a long time, no? I would. That's why I go through every little detail to make your frame a long lasting ride:
  • Picking the right tubes: depending on the use and the rider weight and style of riding I'll pick one series over another or pick a larger diameter or wall thickness.
  • Weld quality: the weld quality is crucial in the longevity of a frame, Argon purging is used inside and outside the welded tubes to avoid any oxygen contamination, it's well worth the extra cost.
  • Frame reinforcements: bridges, gussets, external butts, can be placed in the more stressed areas to make sure the frame won't budge.
For every frame I build, I spend the time and effort to deliver a unique and long lasting frame, that's my guarantee.
 - Last update: 11/09/2021 -